EULEVEN 3-in-1 Floor Robotic Vacuum With Smart Mopping Cleaner For Hardwood Floor, Short Carpet, HEPA Filter For Pet Hair Allergies Friendly (SYJ-3071B_BK) Price: £74.99 (as of 16/01/2020 15:30 PST- Details)

【3-in-1 Functions】: The Euleven Robotic Floor Vacuum Cleaner has 3 different types of functions: Vacuuming, cleaning- Sweeping and Dry Mopping. When using these 3 different functions, the vacuum is able to clean and absorb dust, food crumbs, pet hair, soot, dust mites, rice, bugs, etc. The vacuum is designed with side brushes that can sweep along the edge of walls and corners, has a suction that can pick up particles, hairs, and microorganisms, and has its own garbage compartment.
【Smart Motion Navigation】: The smart sensors to avoid bumping around, stairs and drop-offs. This technology is the key success to this floor vacuum cleaner. It has the ability to detect objects such as chairs, table legs, boxes, and even stair drops. Once the vacuum detects these objects, the vacuum will process the object and find another way to go around it.
【Dual Rotating Brushes Can Replace By Mop】: The robotic vacuum cleaner equipped with 2 side brushes extend the reach of the vacuum and rotate to catch dirt and debris on open floor, along walls or edges. Simply removed pet hair, allergens, a dam-board to collect rubbish. The 2 brushes also can be replaced by MOP sweep cleaning.